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Artist of the week (and other things of note)

Artist of the week (and other things of note)

Artist of the week – JooHee Yoo
Wonderful illustrations in this children’s poetry book: JooHee Yoon – Beastly Verse

Site mapping tools that I am trying out:
Create Sitemaps – Sitemap Generator – Visual Sitemap Generator
SmartDraw is the Smartest Way to Draw Anything
WriteMaps | Create Sitemaps Online | Sitemap Builder

Did you know?

Trends for 2017 and beyond
• Social communication on mobile is continuing to grow
• Media consumed on mobile is also expected to increase
• Wearables will become mainstream
• Mobile devices will become the hub of the Internet of Things
• Mobile apps become more personalized, connected and context aware
• Time on mobile will become second to TV

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