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WOW - great enhancements in the new Creative Cloud… way more mobile capabilities and seamlessintegration. Shared palettes and swatches and fonts -- freakin' yeah!Adobe Creative Cloud The last bastion of earned social sharing is going paid - Pinterest for businessCreative nerdiry: ...

Inspiration as of late

Kevin Bradley rocks: of Type | From the King of American Letterpress(and has since Yee-Haw Industries) Great design post:The Legendary Manual That Dictates Every Detail of the NYC Subway In love with this wireframing tool:Balsamiq. Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software. ...

India and other obsessions

Three words for India - HAND PAINTED SIGNS!! Oh man, I could go back and only photograph those… And matchbooks! Great book on this: Matchbook: Indian Match Box Labels (9789380340197): Shahid Datawala, V. Geetha: Books And painted trucks - these were so great! There is also a great book...

10% (and other myths)

Scary / tragic/ true.The animation is stunning even if the subject matter is frightening. Another great example of using visuals to explain a very complicated topic.Wealth Inequality in America - YouTube Word of the Moment:Microtargeting: direct marketing datamining techniques that involve predictive market segmentation (akacluster analysis). The...